Canadian Food Innovation Network asks Piccola Cucina 10 Questions

The conversation between Hubba Khatoon, CFIN Regional Innovation Director of the Prairies, and Pina Romolo, President and CEO of Piccola Cucina, focuses on the unique and innovative approach that Piccola Cucina is taking in the allergy-friendly food space. As a multi-generational, women-owned and operated business based in Winnipeg, Canada, Piccola Cucina is dedicated to providing Italian-inspired, healthy and indulgent creations.

For more than a decade, Piccola Cucina has specialized in producing allergy-friendly, certified gluten-free, dairy-free, and almond-based products. Using sustainable practices in sourcing our ingredients, such as minimizing by-products, achieving zero food waste, recycling processing and packaging materials, and conserving water and energy. These practices reflect the company's holistic approach to providing hand-crafted, Italian-inspired gourmet almond-based products that are good for people and planet.

Pina Romolo, the CEO, discusses the challenges and opportunities she has faced while navigating this niche market in the food industry and her strategies to overcome them. Hubba Khatoon shares her insights and perspective on innovation in this industry and the ways in which Piccola Cucina's approach stands out. They also touch on the importance of being passionate and resourceful as an entrepreneur, especially in the food industry, and how Piccola Cucina has embodied these qualities in their work.

The conversation also delves into the company's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and its impact on the brand and the industry. Piccola Cucina's dedication to these values is evident in their mission to provide products that are good for people and the planet. The conversation will discuss how these values are integrated in the business model and how it sets them apart from other food companies.

Overall, the conversation between Hubba Khatoon and Pina Romolo will offer valuable insights into the allergy-friendly food space, and the innovative and sustainable approach that Piccola Cucina has taken to create a successful business that is making an impact in the industry.

You can watch the full conversation on the following link: 10 Questions with CFIN: Pina Romolo, President & CEO @ Piccola Cucina - YouTube