A Healthy Start To Back To School

Are you ready for back to school?

Setting our kids up for success and ensuring they have the best start, begins with a healthy diet, free from unhealthy choices. It will help to stay focused, and enable them to grow big and strong.

We are sharing this delicious and nutritious idea for breakfast or as an after school snack.
This heirloom tomato, egg & avocado wrap is both adult and child friendly, and super simple to prepare - so simple the kids can do it.

With only 4 simple ingredients you can enjoy this super tasty, healthy balanced lunch. *Contains Almonds*


  • fresh from the garden heirloom tomatoes 
  • a hard-boiled egg from @naturesfarm
  •  fresh basil 
  • an avocado almond flour wrap

Slice all the ingredients…. place in the wrap, drizzled with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Wraps are available through our online store.