Italian Macaroons vs. French Macarons - which should you buy?

The often colourful sandwich, filled with a ganache is the French Macaroon or Macaron. Italian macaroons - also known as Amaretti, share the same base ingredients of ground blanched almonds, egg whites & sugar - but the biggest difference is the texture.

The French macaron is pillowy and slightly crunchy, whereas the Italian Macaroon Amaretti, when made true to tradition contain a lot more almond flour, about 50% per macaroon, making it a deliciously dense and chewy treat with the added benefits of more nutrients and protein because of the high almond content.

Try our traditional Amaretti or our Italian inspired flavoured Almond Macaroons in fan-favourite Pistachio, Lemon-Lavender or Maple Walnut flavours. 


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