What is the best almond flour to use for cooking/baking?

Let's demystify almond flour. 

When purchasing almond flour for baking, the following tips may help.

  1. Particle size - look for an almond flour that is finely milled, almost looks like a powder - this will yield the lightest baked goods - whether you are making your own macaroons, breads, muffins or cakes. A smaller particle size means your final product will be less dense or gritty.
  2. Clean flour - many flours on the market contain a lot of specs or skins...look for a blanched almond flour that is pure...they are always best for baking.
  3. Consider the source - farms operate in different ways, understand where the processing takes place and if the producer uses sustainable farming practices.

Our Finely-Milled Almond Flour is blanched - which means grounded almonds without the skins and is not bleached. It's the almond flour we use to make all our products and it's sourced from a sustainable family farm in California.

Give our almond flour a try to add some extra nutrition to recipes or, to create your own unique recipes.

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