Piccola Cucina 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Piccola Cucina Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

That wonderful time of year is upon us. We're here to help guide you through the gifting season with our favourite products this holiday season. 

Whether you're looking for something small for thank you gifts or go all out with gift baskets and baking trays, Piccola Cucina almond products make perfect holiday treats for all your gifting needs.


Piccola cucina amaretti almond cookies are the perfect no wrapping required gift anyone could enjoy

Have You Ever Tasted Love at First Bite?

You will when you try one of our Italian Almond Macaroon Cookies. 

A delightful, soft & chewy cookie bursting with almond flavour in every bite. With four classic flavours to choose from, there's a favourite cookie for everyone from our best-selling Pistachio Almond Macaroon to our classic Amaretti Almond Cookie.

The utmost care and attention is taken when crafting these scrumptious bite-sized cookies, just like nonna would have. If you don't fall instantly in love with these macaroons, you'll taste the love that went into creating them.

Plus, who needs gift wrapping with packaging that stunning!


Piccola Cucina almond flour pie crust shells are the greatest gift for any baker

No Ordinary Pie Crust

Unlike traditional pastry, Piccola Cucina shells are made with almond flour. Packed with plant-based protein and all the nutrients & healthy fats almonds are known for, our crust will give your recipes new life by adding a touch of nuttiness that will blow your tastebuds away.

Try swapping out that boring pastry crust for a Sweetened Almond Pie Crust to bring to life traditional sweet pies or try something new like our Maple Pecan Pie Recipe. It pairs perfectly with every type of pie we've made.

Our Unsweetened Almond Pie Crust is my go-to crust for any baking and perfect for trying something a little adventurous like our Butternut Squash Balsamic Onion Feta Pie. Plus, our unsweetened crust is as inclusive eating as they come since it's also keto and vegan! 


Need inspiration? Piccola Cucina has dozens of delicious recipes featuring our gluten free almond flour pie crust shells, almond flour and italian amaretti macaroon cookies

Holiday Inspiration

You can never have too many recipes saved in your Pinterest, right? When you need a bit of inspiration, Piccola Cucina has you covered. 

We've adapted a few traditional recipes and created creative new recipes using our almond products to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

A popular classic holiday treat like our Almond Rum Balls recipe is a perfect addition to baking trays alongside our macaroons.

Or, try our Almond Apple Oven Pancake recipe for those chilly holiday mornings. Let your family wake up to the aromas of spices, almonds and apples baking. Make sure to top with maple syrup!


Happy Gifting!


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