THANKSGIVING DAY- Is a special holiday and time of year when we all gather, to enjoy the harvest, to reflect and to give thanks for our blessings.  Part of giving thanks typically includes a wonderful feast, that combines fall harvest vegetables, turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

What is a Pumpkin?

A pumpkin is a cultivated variety (cultivar) of the squash plant, most commonly of the Cucurbita pepo.  It is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin, and most often deep yellow to orange in coloration. The thick shell contains the seeds and pulp. Some exceptionally large cultivars of squash with similar appearance have also been derived from Cucurbita maxima.

Why do we eat Pumpkin Pie on Thanksgiving day?

Pumpkin pies are eaten for thanksgiving because they are not only tasty but readily available and follow tradition. The pumpkin pie is a symbol of the land and the cultivation of pumpkins and squashes by Canadians & Americans.

Why use Piccola Cucina Almond Pie Shell?

The original Piccola Cucina Almond Pie Shell was created with the attention and care of an Italian family who brought their traditions to Canada. This pie isn't made the way a typical pie is; instead, a mother and her daughter made it with love and passion to please their family on Thanksgiving. They spent a lot of time and effort putting together this amazing mixture of gluten-free ingredients. The pie carries the autograph of Italian and Canadian taste. And thus the custom continued: in order to make Thanksgiving absolutely exquisite and divine, pumpkin pies should always be made with Piccola Cucina Almond Pie Shells, this will make the evening happy and joyful.

Our Unsweetened Almond Crusts contain 18 grams of protein per pie and are loaded with healthy plant-based fats and are rich in nutrients like vitamin E, manganese and magnesium. They are free from any added sugars and made from simple, easy-to-pronounce ingredients. They are ideal for those following a Vegan, Keto, Low Carb, or Gluten-Free diet. 

Our Almond Pie Shells will completely change the way you feel about pie crust. We know what you're thinking; it can't be that good, right? Trust us; once you've tried Almond Pie Crusts, you'll never go back to traditional pastry. Plus, our shells will not get soggy under your filling.

INGREDIENTS: non-GMO ground almonds, water, organic brown rice flour, ground golden flax, organic coconut flour, coconut oil, sea salt

“Thankfulness is the quickest path to joy.” – Jefferson Bethke


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