What makes the perfect Macaroon?

This is a picture of Italian Macaroons. In the left corner you can read "What makes the perfect macaroon?"

One day I tried a cookie and I was never the same. Well not exactly, but the delight lasted for quite a few days.  With each and every bite, a feeling of euphoria, eyes rolling into the back of my head, I felt like I was touching the sky.

I have never been to Italy, but I have tried a lot of their cuisine; I thought I had tried it all, or at least a large part of it, until I discovered macaroons from Piccola Cucina. Such simplicity, elegance, freshness & tradition wrapped in each tasty morsel.  

So I asked myself, what makes them special? My mind wandered, sifting through the reasons: its flavour, its texture, its packaging. And the truth is, they are all that and more, according to the feedback from people who, like me, have tried these exquisite cookies.

If you're still not convinced, here are five reasons why you should consider them.

What makes the perfect Macaroon?

1. The essence of almonds: a true Italian macaroon is all about the almond. Our macaroons are no exception. The use of high-quality almond meal or finely ground almonds is paramount to infuse these delicacies with that authentic nutty flavor. The almonds should shine through in both taste and aroma.

2. The perfect texture: a perfect Italian macaroon strikes a balance between a chewy, slightly crispy exterior and a soft, dense interior. Can you believe that? Achieving this exquisite texture requires precise measurements and the right technique. At Piccola Cucina, our bakers have mastered the art of mixing ingredients in perfect harmony.

3. The art of baking: achieving the right texture for Italian macaroons involves careful baking. Our bakers know that the key is to bake them until they are lightly golden on the outside, resulting in that desirable crispness while keeping the interior soft and moist.

4. Aromatic almond bliss: as you open a bag of our macaroons, you'll be greeted by a wonderful almond aroma. This inviting scent is an essential part of the macaroon experience, and we take pride in delivering it to our customers.

5. Longevity and freshness: our macarons have a longer shelf life. Properly stored in the refrigerator or freezer, they maintain their delicious chewiness and flavor for an extended period.